Hyperforma is a cyberpunk arcade game headed to iOS next week

By , on March 20, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

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Hyperforma puts you in the headspace of a curious explorer traveling through the mysterious cyber-landscape of ancient civilization's network, presented as fast-paced and visually-stylish arcade action coming to the App Store on March 26th.

Gameplay-wise, Hyperforma is essentially a brick-breaker, representing hacking as your digital avatar chipping away at the barriers protecting mainframes and other data. But instead of the classic design of your paddle below a block structure, your avatar bounces off the walls and floor while you rotate the central block structure in 3D space, You'll need to hit nodes and avoid richocheting through gaps in the firewalls that make up the side of the screen, all while using hacker abilities to imbue your avatar with powers at the most effective moments.

Bosses and themed challenges await as you explore deeper within cyberspace and learn more about the ancients, and with progress comes new unlocks and perks, such as damage-increasing Shock or the incrreased recharges of the Attack upgrade.

Hyperforma will be released next Monday for $3.99 and can be preordered on the App Store.