Guide a flame through darkness and puzzles in Candleman, now available on iOS and Android

By , on March 27, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 1 month ago

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Candleman is one of those games with a very apt title: it's a new puzzler about guiding a sentient candlestick, with legs and all, through a dangerous world. Recently released on iOS and Android, this puzzle game promises both a compelling atmosphere and a unique mechanic of being a fluttering flame in the dark.

At its core, Candleman revolves around a simple mechanic, where your light only lasts ten seconds at a time. Any longer and your wax body melts, and you lose a life. With that ability, you can traverse the shadowed halls of a fairy tale world, where books and pages form paths and platforms and colorful lillies provide ambient illumination. But Candleman quickly introduces additional challenges and quirks to the gameplay, from platforms that alternate between existing and disappearing when you use light to traveling watery expanses atop pedals driven by your light. Candleman's clever twists and uses of its ten-second flame offers a different and vibrant puzzler for mobile gamers.

Candleman is available for a launch sale price of $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play until April 10th.