Atmospheric detective game Jenny LeClue receives new gameplay trailer, headed to mobile this year

By , on April 10, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 10 months ago

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The titular child detective and her mysterious atmosheric town has been teasing adventure game fans for years, and Jenny LeClue's latest PAX trailer reveals new gameplay and 2018 release timeframe for this upcoming detective game.

In the small town of Arthurton, Jenny's mother is accused of murder, and it's up to you to uncover the truth. But as you dig deeper into the accusation, Jenny LeClue unfolds into a grander narrative touching elements of horror and science fiction, with your choices affected the outcome of the story. Exploring the town - from the graveyard to town square, police station to the surrounding woods, mines and weird bunkers - you meet new characters to question, find equipment to upgrade, and secrets hidden across the map as you interact with the environments. 

Interestingly, Jenny LeClue presents its detective narrative through the framing device of novels written by author (and narrator) Arthur K Finklestein, whose story you can also influence through your decisions.

Jenny LeClue doesn't have a definite release date but is expected to release on iOS in 2018.