Phantom Signal is a new sci-fi tower-defense strategy game available for iOS

By , on April 24, 2018
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In a mysterious star system, an unknown signal beckons. In Phantom Signal, you must build out a network of defenses and nodes as you travel through space to the source of the beacon.

Across 24 levels, Phantom Signal presents the players with a more freeform, RTS-inspired approach to sci-fi tower-defense; each stage is a cluster of asteroids and waves of enemy ships are soon approaching, so deciding where to build laser and missile turrets or mining nodes and other tech is key to succeeding. With each node placed, you craft a spreading web of relays and generators and turrets, upgrading them as needed to repair damage and enhance their stats. As you progress, research points allow you to unlock new nodes from a skill tree, as well stat boosts that can increase build times among other useful tactical advantages. 

Phantom Signal is available for $1.99 on iPad and iPhone.