Flash game remake Sierra 7 is a tactical on-rails shooter in development for iOS and Android

By , on May 11, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 9 months ago

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Originally released as a flash game in 2011, Sierra 7 is being developed as an expanded remake for mobile, bringing an updated art style, more weapons, levels, and other additions and improvements to iOS and Android.

The concept is a tactical rails shooter, putting you in the shoes of special operative engaging in classified missions around the globe. Each mission takes you through its levels on rails, letting you focus on aiming, weapon choice, and reloading. While the original game had a stick figure-themed art style, the new version has you fighting fully-illustrated mercenaries with a much wider arsenal of guns and a contextual cover system reminiscent of the classic Time Crisis arcade games

The general gameplay is tactically breaching and clearing of locations, but other missions might see you behind a sniper scope taking out enemies from a distance or rescuing hostages. As you progress through levels, you can unlock new weapons to improve your performance in stages and earn emblems through completing challenges.

Sierra 7 is currently in beta and doesn't have a specific release date yet; you can sign up to beta-test on iOS or Android from the official game site.