Narrative-driven puzzler G30 tells the story of a fading memory through clever challenges

By , on May 16, 2018
Last modified 6 years ago

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G30 might seem obtuse at glance, but its colorful artful aesthetic is the backdrop for an ambitious and clever puzzle game that uses its mechanics to deliever a human tale.

Colored lines connect with jigsaw pieces, switching between various design as you drag on the line. With drag, you piece together a shape, and with each correct shape, G30's story unfolds on the screen. It's a narrative about a fading memory, about remembering and consciousness, and your puzzle solving brings new context to the text. Its minimalst art style and piecemeal story structure is designed with intent, attempting to represent the nature of remembering fragments of memories, snapping into place and revealing their context.

G30 introduces new mechanic at a relaxed pace, such as shapes that can rotated and moved into new positions, and further reveals the various events and thoughts and emotions of its protagonist's life, as they struggle with their condition. 

G30 is available for $4.99 on the App Store. and is expected to release on Android in the future.