Terry Cavanagh's next game is the dice-based tactical roguelike Dicey Dungeon

By , on May 23, 2018
Last modified 6 years ago

If you're familiar with the name Terry Cavanagh, you probably know his games: the frantic arcade evasion of Super Hexagon, and the gravity-bending hard-as-nails platforming of VVVVVV. His next game, Dicey Dungeon, is leaving the reflex-testing action and precision platforming behind in favor of dice-centric turn-based roguelike.

Choosing from a number of classes (currently three out of a planned six) like Warrior and Inventor, you move through each map, level-by-level, fighting enemies and gathering loot from chests. Each battle is a turn-based affair reminscent of the card battles of card-RPG hybrids, except with dice instead of hands. From your backpack, you equip up to six weapons and pieces of equipment, with each utlizing dice in unique ways.


A posion slingshot needs a combo of 7 to deal damage. The lockpick tool lets you split a single dice into multiple lower-numbered die. A snowman's snowball will freeze your dice for a turn, while a broadsword needs two dice of equal value to be used. Every weapon. gear, and status effects works in similiarly varied manner, with each class having unique quirks that define what kinds of equipment best suits their playstyle.

The full game will feature more classes, an overhauled art style, new music, and much more overall content than the current build; Dicey Dungeon doesn't have a specific release date yet but is expected to come out this year. You can play the game's early builds in your browser through Dicey Dungeon's offical site.