Unorthodox multiplayer game One Hour One Life is headed to iOS and Android

By , on June 12, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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In some ways, One Hour One Life is familiar. It has all the hallmarks of the popular survival genre: crafting, gathering resources, building shelters, other players running rampant. But that title describes its most unique attribute and secret to its generational pacing.

"One Hour One Life" says it quite plainly: you have one life and it lasts an hour. You start as a defenseless baby and die at a ripe old 60, sixty minutes later with each passing minute equaling one year of life from infant to child and so on. As an infant, you must trust and rely on older players to protect you, while as you grow older, you must choose to protect and care for new baby players. Each passing generation expands upon the world of their server, so returning a day later might see dozens of generations pass and your early stone age hut transformed into a bustling medieval village.

One Hour One Life will be releasing next month for iOS and Android; no details on release date or price are available yet.