Mika Mobile's RPG sequel Battleheart 2 releases on iOS next month

By , on June 29, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 9 months ago

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Mika Mobile's games have always had a unique look and style, blending their notably charming aesthetc with skillful mechanics across various genres. With Battleheart 2, they're returning to the real-time party-based RPG action of the original, now with new classes, new perks, and a vibrant new art style.

While the spin-off Battleheart Legacy focused on a single hero to control, Battleheart 2 revives the original's gameplay, letting you build varied parties to tackle challenging groups of fantasy foes and difficult bosses. Choosing from twelve classes - from Necromancer to Samurai - battle is waged through precise taps. directing units and performing powerful skills to control, debuff, and obliterate enemies. Whirlwinds, meteors, sword dashes, and myriad other attacks let you position your units and unleash maximum damage, while talents, gear, and enhancements upgrade and augement each of your unit's stats and prowess. Additionally, co-op multiplayer offers the option to coordinate your attacks with up to three other friends.

Battleheart 2 will be available for $3.99 when it releases for iOS on July 12th; you can currently preorder the game on the App Store.