Squirgle turns arithmetic into a hectic and hypnotic fast-paced puzzle game

By , on July 3, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 9 months ago

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When you think of a math puzzler, you're probably thinking of game revolving around adding, substracting, multiplying, or maybe constructing geometric shaoes. Squirgle's approach is both familiar and abstract: combining arithemtic with a kaleidoscopic aesthetic, number bases, color matching, and a ticking clock.

Squirgle looks complex at the first glance - and it does have a number of mechanics to manage - but it's simpler to imagine the shapes along the bottoms of its screen instead as numbers. A point equals 1, a line has two points and so equals 2, a triangle has three points and equals 3, and so on until looping back to the point, depending on the number base you're playing with. Your goal is to combine these shapes to match the given structure, thinking ahead of how to properly blend your given shapes. Each successful match adds to your score multiplayer and as time tips down, the screen cycles between colors. Match two shapes of like color and you'll both gain more time and earn the elusive "squirgle" to further increase your score.

It's a weird puzzler that takes time and practice to master, but the vibrant kaleidoscope of shapes within shapes, and additonal modes that lets you challenge another player or play in Trance mode to earn a hypnotic wormhole of endless shapes, keeps Squirgle interesting to play.

Squirgle can be purchased for $2.99 on iOS and Android.