Challenging puzzler Fracter is now available on iOS and Android

By , on July 13, 2018
Last modified 6 years ago

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Revealed earlier this year, Fracter is now out on the App Store and Google Play, bringing atmospheric light-based puzzles to mobile gamers.

Reminiscent of Limbo, you guide a young hero through a weird and otherworldly shaded realm, filled with abstract architecture and light-emitting structures and shadowy threats. From a central hub, Fracter has you traveling through doors to isometric puzzle environments, where twisitng paths and staircases take you to tricky areas where manipulating light and shadow is your key to solving the game's challenges. With swipes, you can rotate towers of lights and remove coverings to release lights; with an onscreen joystick, you can run or sneak past figures that can chase you through the shadows. Controlling the light to create barriers is your main means to keep those threats at bay.

Fracter can be purchased for $3.99 on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.