Development on Monument Valley 3 is underway

By , on August 1, 2019

Ustwo Games has, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, announced that the third entry in its beloved Monument Valley series is now entering development. With a new game comes a fresh Game Director, and the team are looking for the right fit to bring an interesting creative vision to the perspective-shifting puzzler.

The news arrived as part of a job listing on the official Ustwo Games Twitter account. If you feel like you’re a good fit, why not send over a CV? You’ll need this here handy link.

We’ve known for a while now that Ustwo has been hard at work on multiple titles, though this tweet confirms that there are currently three games in development at the London-based studio. Little is currently known about the other two mystery titles.

Our sister site, Pocket Gamer, has played and reviewed Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2. Both games earned high praise thanks to their unique look, accessible puzzling, and affecting storytelling.

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The second game, while still much-liked, did have its detractors, with some feeling like it lacked its predecessor's impact due to it hewing too closely to established formula. Maybe this third entry, with the aid of some new direction, will really work to set itself apart.

For now, we don’t really have much more info than that. You can likely expect to see this one pop up on the App Store and Google Play at some point over the next couple years. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as any further details appear.