Dead Cells makes its grand debut on the App Store today

By , on August 28, 2019

The iOS version of Dead Cells, Motion Twin’s smash-hit roguelike, is now available for download over on the App Store. It arrives following a near year-long wait which started when a Google Play store page leaked the existence of the ports. It’s headed our way from developer Playdigious, and it seems like the team there has done a commendable job of translating a complex, lightning-fast game over to mobile.

Dead Cells first launched last year on PC and consoles, going on to earn various GOTY nominations. Its mix of accessible roguelike mechanics and high-octane action made it once of the standout indies from last year, both in terms of sales and critical adoration. It was always a concern that a mobile version could lose some of the precision and reliability of the original release’s controls, and it’s still unclear as to whether Playdigious has succeeded in that department.

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The game’s appealing pixel art look has certainly carried over well, and I’m thankful that it supports MFi controller support at launch. There’s also an option to have your character automatically attack enemies, which sounds like a necessary and helpful addition.
If you’re yet to play Dead Cells in any of its many forms, it’s basically an action-focused roguelike which sees you working to escape a giant, constantly shifting castle. It’s a whole lot of fast, moreish fun.

You’ll find it available for download now over on the App Store for $7.99. While that might seem a little pricy, I’d like to point out that the Switch version is still £22.49. Android players will have to wait a little longer, though a solid release date shouldn’t be too far away.