Shovel Knight Dig is shaping up to be a promising spinoff

By , on September 3, 2019

Shovel Knight Dig is an upcoming platformer heading our way thanks to a promising partnership between Yacht Club games – creator of the original Shovel Knight – and Nitrome. It’s an all-new adventure featuring well-known knights from the hard-as-nails original, including the titular shovel-wielding hero and the dastardly Drill Knight.

It sees you digging your way underground, earning loot and rare materials as you go. It seems to rely quite heavily on randomly-generated levels, which certainly sets it apart from its big brother. The latest trailer showcases some impressive animations, new enemies, and the altered combat system – all of which I definitely like the look of so far. 

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It’s also worth noting that this clearly isn’t the game teased last month during a discussion between a writer and Yacht Club Games COO James Chan. Chan expressed interest in bringing the character over to mobile, albeit not with a straight port of the original console and PC game, which he was concerned might not translate well to touchscreen devices.

I would be genuinely surprised if we didn’t see this one come to mobile after its launch on Switch. That said, we’ve still got a lengthy wait on our hands before we get to see it in any of its forms, as Shovel Knight Dig doesn’t even have a rough release date.

There was a playable demo of the Switch version at PAX West, which ran from August 30th to September 2nd, so it must be fairly far along in development. Still, it's doubtful we’ll see it arrive this year. In the meantime, I'd recommend checking out the game's full press kit right here