SIMULACRA 2 is an unsettling 'found phone' horror game for iOS and Android

By , on October 30, 2019
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

SIMULACRA 2, Kaigan Games' immersive narrative thriller, is an inventive and discomforting game all about investigating the mysterious death of a young influencer. It uses a phone interface to tell its grisly take, putting you directly into the experience as an investigative journalist.

The victim's death has been ruled an accident, but that isn't fooling Detective Murilo. As part of his investigation, he enlists your help to solve the case, and you'll do so by exploring the victim's phone, navigating familiar apps and Maya's messages, videos, and social media to find clues.

When it comes time to do so, you can conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses in order to check stories and catch out liars.

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The game's tale is mostly told through well-acted live-action cut scenes, with its cast of untrustworthy interviewees and haggard detectives adding to the grim atmosphere considerably.

The original SIMULACRA was an intriguing 'found phone' horror game that had plenty of neat tricks up its sleeve. Its sequel, SIMULACRA 2, will launch December 12th for both iOS and Android.