Forgotten Memories, the classic Silent Hill-inspired horror game, has finally arrived on Android

By , on October 31, 2019

Psychose Interactive's Silent Hill-inspired horror game Forgotten Memories has finally made its way to Android over four years after launching for iOS. It harkens back to classics of the genre with its mix of tricky puzzling, brutal combat, and psychological scares.

The game sees you assume the role of a young woman investigating the disappearance of a child. Rose, the lead, wakes up in a weird place filled with mannequins and a definite air of something being amiss. As she continues to explore, she finds herself embroiled in a 'never-ending tragedy'.

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This latest version apparently boasts some improvements over the iOS original, though I'm still not sure what they are or how extensive they may be. iOS players can download a new update for free to see the upgrade themselves.

Those looking to brave a classic horror game on Halloween should think about checking this one out. While I do remember the controls being a bit of a pain, Forgotten Memories still boasts some nasty visuals and an unsettling atmosphere.

If you're interested, you'll find it available for download now from the App Store for £4.99 and Google Play for £3.59. Those looking to play on Android can take advantage of a generous 20% launch discount for the first week of release only.