Intense FPS Red Dot soft-launches for Android on Google Play

By , on November 15, 2019
Last modified 4 years, 7 months ago

Developer OnFace's Red Dot looks like a fairly standard FPS, with a collection of familiar modes from other games in the genre. There's your usual no-thrills Team Death Match, but Red Dot also offers a single-player sniper mode, which reminds me of something like Hitman: Sniper.

Maps here range from cities to shipyards to warehouses. Again, very typical military FPS fare. At launch, there are over 50 weapons to collect, which seems like an awful lot. There are assault rifles, snipers, SMGs, heavy MGs, shotguns, pistols, and knives in the mix.

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You'll be able to customise your arsenal with upgrades and unlockable skins. There are also 5 characters to select from, all boasting their own unique look.

Red Dot has been optimised to work well on roughly 80% of all Android devices. You can apparently expect a 'smooth and lag-free' experience, which is nice. The game has now soft-launched for Android on Google Play. A global launch is planned for early next year.