Save the Turtles! is a cute little game with a great environmental message

By , on January 3, 2020
Last modified 4 years, 3 months ago

Updated 06/01/2020:

Game is now live over on Google Play. Original story continues below...

Save the Turtles! is a cute but tricky game about skillfully removing plastics from a fast-moving body of water. It comes to us from indie developer Philip Pounds, whose first game, Blackhole Falling!, was a platformer of sorts about guiding your dinky avatar out of a black hole.

Philip's latest game boasts an appealing pixel art aesthetic inspired by the 16-bit era. Its soundtrack is pretty chilled, with the intended vibe being South Florida/Key West, which I think it achieves rather well. 

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Gameplay sees you tapping your screen to remove plastics from the water, and your score will continue to rise as you remove more rubbish. You'll need to be fast, though, as it's game over if you miss any of the trash or accidentally tap on a turtle.

If you want to give Save the Turtles! a go, you'll soon find it available for download from over on Google Play. In the meantime, here's a handy link to Blackhole Falling's store page