Way of the Turtle Part 2 doubles the size of the Apple Arcade launch title

By , on February 22, 2020
Last modified 3 months ago

Illusion Labs' Way of the Turtle was a cute launch title for Apple Arcade. It's a fairly straightforward platformer about two turtles attempting to find one another after becoming marooned on a dangerous island.

The game recently received a massive update that almost doubles the length of the main campaign, adding new puzzles to solve, enemies to outsmart, and other such challenges to overcome.

Part 2 continues the original version's tale, tasking you with freeing the island from a mysterious curse with the help of your gopher buddy. It takes place in a completely new part of the island that's said to look quite unlike anything seen in Part 1.

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There are six new areas to explore, including a lava-spewing volcano. There be witches here, as well as a tricky new boss.

You can also expect to see new items to seek out and use. You can now upgrade your gopher friend and shard finder, which is good news for completionists.

Part 2 aims to offer more complex puzzles and level design, creating an overall deeper and more engaging gameplay experience.

If you're a platformer fan and haven't yet given this one a go, you'll find Way of the Turtle available exclusively on Apple Arcade.