Studio Ghibli-like adventure game Embracelet coming to iOS

By , on November 6, 2020
Last modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Indie developer Machineboy is releasing its narrative adventure game Embracelet onto iOS later this year.

Set in Norway, the game is a narrative adventure game about a young adolescent who inherits his grandfather’s magical bracelet, which grants special telekinetic powers. You must use these powers to solve puzzles and explore the island to discover these mysterious powers and return it to its true owner.

It’s a magic realism tale, utilising elements of the fantasy to tell a deeply personal story that deals with the challenges of growing up and the difficulties that small communities face. Machineboy uses the story to deliver an uplifting, emotional adventure with plenty of twists and turns, and multiple endings depending on how you play.

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According to Machineboy, it can take anywhere between three and six hours to complete, which gives you a lot of range to toy around with these magical tools at your disposal. The difficulty is also very much on the gentler side, allowing you to enjoy the narrative and scenery without worrying too much about getting frustrated at the puzzles.

Embracelet is releasing for iOS later this year after its successful launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch. To ensure the game converts well from console to mobile form, the user interface has been tweaked to better suit touchscreen controls with the addition of on-screen buttons.

If you’re an Android user, or you don’t feel like waiting for the iOS version, you can still grab the game right now on Steam or the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Embracelet will launch on the iOS App Store later this year, being able to run on iOS 13.0 or later versions. It’s a premium title, but Machineboy hasn’t yet stated what the price will be. There’s also no talk of an Android version yet, so it might depend on how well the iOS edition does.