Roundguard, the dungeon crawler for Apple Arcade, gets a festive makeover

By , on December 17, 2020
Last modified 6 months ago

Wonderbelly Games has updated Roundguard, its dungeon crawler roguelike available on Apple Arcade, with some new features to welcome in the Christmas period.

The Gift Giver update adds new NPCs, trinkets, a festive winter event, and more. New characters have been added to the dungeon, such as Big Freeze who’s an ice cold first giant who hits like an avalanche. There’s also the Projectionist, a moody elf with a more emotional side to them, and the eponymous Gift Giver who rewards you with treasure for playing the game and beating quests.

These new characters are available to meet all year around, but Roundguard is also holding a special wintery event from this Sunday until 2nd January, where the dungeon will be covered in snow and the residents will be dressed appropriately for the weather. That means ugly Christmas jumpers and woolly hats will make an appearance.

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The event also brings two weeks of daily challenges using a new snowball winter rule, where the pots in the dungeon are turned into snowballs which stick to you. There will also be icy winds to blast through the level and throw you around.

“This last year has been hard, but it feels good to put a little more fun out there to thank everyone for the kindness and generosity they’ve shared with us,” said Andrea Roberts from Wonderbelly Games. “We’re looking forward to a fresh new year with new things to share.”

The new Gift Giver update is the third free one released this year for Roundguard. Next year, Wonderbelly plans on releasing a new playable hero so it looks like the game will be off to a good start when that rolls around.

Download Roundguard now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, which is a premium subscription service costing $4.99 on Apple devices.