Square Enix showcases a new trailer for Just Cause Mobile, a Space Invaders AR game, and a new Hitman Sniper spin-off

By , on March 19, 2021
Last modified 1 month ago

Last night, Square Enix held a presentation to show off some of its upcoming games coming to all platforms. Among the reveals were several games which are coming to mobile over the course of this year.

A new trailer for Just Cause: Mobile has dropped. It doesn’t show any gameplay, but it features some characters who will appear in the game like Annika, Teo and of course, Rico Rodriguez. The most important thing about this trailer is showing the game will deliver the same action-packed experience that you expect from the main entries to the series on consoles and PC.

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Meanwhile, Square Enix also showed off a Space Invaders AR game where you must protect the world from invading aliens in a familiar Space Invaders-style, except with an augmented reality twist to the formula.

Patrick Naud from Square Enix Montréal said: “We are extremely inspired by our collaboration with Taito to re-imagine the Space Invaders franchise in a contemporary way while shaping it to our ambitious vision of what it can be on mobile."

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Meanwhile, Tetsu Yamada from Taito Corporation said: “Collaborating with Square Enix Montréal on their bold vision for Space Invaders has been an incredible endeavor. As fans of our classic series, they are treating Space Invaders with the utmost care and respect. We are thrilled that the game is coming out with new technology and fresh taste and will further expand the universe of the Space Invaders franchise.”

Finally, Square Enix has also announced a new Hitman Sniper game. This one is called Hitman Sniper Assassins, and features the return of Knight and Stone from the co-op sniper assassin missions in Hitman 2. The trailer also features the voice of Jane Perry as Diana Burnwood, who will be your handler while carrying out these sniper contracts.

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Expect each of these games to release on the iOS App Store and Google Play sometime later this year.