Melancholic indie adventure game The Longest Road on Earth comes to mobile this spring

By , on March 26, 2021

During last night's Future Games Show that was held after the BAFTA Games Awards, Raw Fury announced it would be bringing the melancholic indie adventure game The Longest Road on Earth to mobile in the spring.

The Longest Road on Earth is a thoughtful and deeply personal narrative adventure game with stripped down mechanics and a lack of text to help you be fully immersed within the story, of which the game features four short stories featuring the lives of ordinary characters.

It’s not a game about big challenges or fail states to punish you, but rather an emotive journey that can be enjoyed at a relaxing pace.

Music is a big part of the experience too, and each short story will allow you to be swept away by the haunting and poignant lyrics of over twenty emotionally-charged songs performed by Beicoli. This intimate soundtrack features themes and lyrics which seek the serenity of life, full of emotions and perceptions that define us as human beings.

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With no dialogue or text, it means you can share the moments of time with the characters and create your own interpretations, allowing the music to compel you enough to see these stories through to the end.

The developers are also keen on making the game accessible to players of all ages and levels of ability, meaning there will be simple controls and accessibility features present.

Altogether the game will be short, with the estimation being around three hours long to experience in its entirety. This means it should be the perfect game to beat in one sitting as you wrap up in a cosy blanket and become enthralled by the images and sounds onscreen.

The Longest Road on Earth will be available later this spring on mobile devices, though Raw Fury has not yet stated what those platforms will be. It’ll also come out on Steam.


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