Foxy’s Adventure Mobile is an adventure arcade game out now for iOS

By , on May 7, 2021
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

Indie games developer Nicolas Kalousek has released an adventure-arcade game by the name of Foxy’s Adventure Mobile today on iOS. You can download it now as a paid title from the App Store.

The game is set on a distant planet where you are stuck, with no signs of rescue coming for you. With that in mind, the only thing left to do is explore the planet to find life-supporting materials in the hopes of finding a way to escape this strange place.

You play as the titular Foxy, who can run and jump their way around the world as they explore the unknown lands of the planet and face a fair amount of surprising twists that can occur during their adventure. The game features a large 2D world overall, where your progress depends on solving tricky riddles and slaying enemies at the same time.

The story might seem a bit strange, but it’s also quite simple too. You get to meet the Tubbies, the natives on the planet you are stranded on and will join you on your adventure.

As you continue jumping and running around the planet, you come to understand more about the place and its unusual habitats, including the different mysteries that have occurred here that intensify your adventure.

As for the controls, they’re pretty easy to get used to but Kalousek has also said the buttons are a bit too sensitive, so keep this in mind before you try to control your character. The same can also be said of the game mechanics, which you might need to fiddle around with for a little bit before diving in headfirst.

You can grab Foxy’s Adventure Mobile from the iOS App Store where it is a paid title which costs $0.99. It’s unknown yet if an Android version is coming out.