The Room: Old Sins developer creates LEGO Ideas set based on the game

By , on May 11, 2021
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

Game developer Roger Schembri, who works at Fireproof Studios on The Room series of puzzle games, has submitted to LEGO Ideas of a build based on the dollhouse from The Room: Old Sins.

Following on from their previous submission to LEGO Ideas last year, which based on the safe from the first The Room game, Schembri went for a much more ambitious project this time by replicating the dollhouse from the fourth game in miniature brick form.

This build consists of an extended façade with full architectural features, utilising the wrought iron gates and walls surrounding the house as well as external details such as the ornate coat-of-arms plaque and detailed brickwork.

On the inside, all the rooms from the dollhouse in the main game are featured, such as the foyer, study, kitchen, and fold out garden on the ground floor, the curiosity room and Japanese gallery on the first floor, the maritime room and art studio on the third floor, and the attic on the top floor, which even includes a microbuild of the dollhouse.

Each room in the dollhouse features a corrupted book just like in the game, representing it as a 1x1 tile with a texture applied. There are also some minifigures based on the characters Mr & Mrs Waldegrave, complete with Abigail’s paint brush and palette and Edward’s arrogant scowl. There’s also a minifig of the player character referred to only as H.

LEGO Ideas is an online project officially supported by the toy company where fans can submit ideas and custom builds of LEGO sets and then garner support for it in the hopes of getting it built as a commercially-released product.

Meanwhile, The Room: Old Sins launched on mobile way back in 2018, and also came to PC this year. If you want to support this project, you can check it out at the link right here.