One Hand Clapping is a musical puzzler coming to iOS and Android

By , on May 12, 2021
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

HandyGames has announced it will be releasing its musical puzzle game One Hand Clapping on Steam Early Access on 10th June, but it will also be coming to iOS and Android later this year.

It’s being developed by Bad Dream Games, and is all about using your microphone to express yourself and beat the various puzzles the game throws at you. Meanwhile, this will help you become more confident in your own musical skills.

Using this voice of yours, you interact with the game’s colourful world and solve puzzles using melody, rhythm and harmony. How you do it is up to you, meaning you can choose to sing, whistle, hum or even use an instrument to solve puzzles. There is no controller or physical input to be made, all you need is a microphone, a set of headphones and your lovely voice to play it. This also makes it extremely accessible to those who may struggle to use a controller.

“Have you ever listened to a recording of your own voice? Feels strange right? And the scary part is that you sound like that to everyone else. Damn right. And you thought you have a nice voice,” HandyGames says on its upcoming release.

“How about a fun game that teaches you how to control your voice while saving a fantastical setting from eternal silence? A unique game that helps you to feel more comfortable and confident while singing in the shower, and guides you to develop a stronger connection to your voice.”

One Hand Clapping will be out on Steam Early Access next month, 10th June. It’s coming to iOS and Android at a later date, but there’s no confirmed launch window for those versions yet. We will provide updates once they become available. One Hand Clapping is also coming to Google Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.