Call of Duty Mobile goes all-out 80s in new crossover event with Die Hard and Rambo

By , on May 21, 2021
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

Activision has launched a new event in its current line-up of Call of Duty games to bring in legendary 80s action movie heroes Rambo and John McClane as playable characters. This collaboration is available now across all three current Call of Duty games: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Mobile.

The 80s Action Heroes event has been released alongside the recent redesign of Call of Duty Warzone’s Verdansk map, which turned back time to the 1980s and introduced a variety of changes to the familiar territory.

Meanwhile, two new faces are now available as playable characters. The first is John McClane from Die Hard. He is a New York cop who shows up at a party on Christmas Eve only to find the whole building turned into a hostage situation when a group of terrorists lock the building down.

The second character to make a Call of Duty appearance is Rambo, a man who was double-crossed while on a secret mission and left to fight on his own.

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Both of these characters are now available to buy in Call of Duty Mobile as separate bundles costing 2400 CoD Points, which is about £15.

This crossover event was originally revealed through a series of cryptic tweets made last week on the official Call of Duty account. References to such things as Nakatomi Air Ducts or Rambo’s kill/death ratio were made on Twitter.

Additionally, there is also a new mode available in Call of Duty Mobile called Guns Blazing, where players in the match have the chance to become McClane or Rambo with increased health and akimbo Death Machines. This gives you the chance to play as either of the 80s action stars before purchasing.

You can download Call of Duty Mobile now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play title containing adverts and in-app purchases.