Thousand Lives simulates a thousand lifetimes in new roguelite coming next year

By , on June 4, 2021

emfinite studio will be releasing a game called Thousand Lives sometime next year. The game will be coming to PC as well as both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Thousand Lives is a game that simulates an entire human life in under two hours, using text-based gameplay to tell the story. Once you die, you start over and live a new life. emfinite’s idea behind the game is for you to experience up to a thousand different human lives, each one with their own goals, emotions, wants, needs, successes and failures.

With a thousand possible lives and a two-hour estimated length for each one, that gives you roughly 2000 hours to see everything the game offers. Obviously, emfinite isn’t expecting anyone to do that so it hopes to be able to communicate as much of the game to you as you wish.

You can check out the trailer for Thousand Lives below. Indie games developer Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser, who previously created Core Defense, formed emfinite studio with two friends to create the game.

“We fused modern roguelites, choose your own adventure books, tama

gotchis, role playing and life simulation games into an attempt to capture what life is: crazy and messed up, but mostly fun,” says Kaiser.

A game about modern life also needs to be as diverse as possible, containing stories from anyone in any location from any background on the planet. Therefore, emfinite is inviting players to contribute stories to the game, either from the official Discord server for Thousand Lives, or from submitting these stories on a Google Form which will serve as inspiration for in-game events.

Thousand Lives is launching on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices sometime next year.