Meditative bird strategy title Wingspan comes to iOS next month

By , on June 7, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 11 months ago

Monster Couch will be releasing Wingspan, its relaxing bird collection game for iOS on 20th July alongside PC, Xbox and Switch releases at the same time.

Wingspan is based on the popular board game where you unleash your inner ornithologist and collect over 170 unique birds. You must compete with up to three other players locally or online in a game that challenges you to build up a massive preserve of winged wonders.

Not only is Wingspan a competitive game, but it’s also a meditative experience that stays true to the unique sounds each bird makes, as well as making the abilities of the birds themselves also authentic.

For example, this means hawks want to hunt their prey while pelicans can fish. Each bird has its own array of abilities that can be combined to attract more species to your habitat, and they offer you power-ups that can boost your abilities to lay eggs, gather food or draw more cards.

As the keeper of a nature reserve, it is your job to provide shelter to these loving birds and keep them happy and healthy. There are three habitats: Forest, Wetland and Grassland to look after them. You must make sure each habitat thrives as a natural haven for birds everywhere.

Wingspan also provides you with tiny microfacts about bird life, boosting your brainpower as you build your bird kingdom. You can use these facts to show off to your friends on your superior knowledge about all things bird.

If you want to keep up to date with Wingspan’s development, you can join the official Discord server or visit the game’s social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Wingspan will be arriving on the iOS App Store on 20th July as a paid title which costs £9.99. It will also be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.