Capcom has launched Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat in China

By , on June 11, 2021

Chinese development studio Yun Chang has partnered up with Capcom to release Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat in China. The game is out today in that region for iOS and Android devices, and should be coming to other territories later this year.

We originally caught wind of this release via TapTap, which revealed the game had been renamed from Pinnacle of Combat to Peak of Combat. It’s a proper mobile version of the popular Devil May Cry series that fans have enjoyed on PC and console over the last two decades.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat uses the familiar combination of freedom and flexibility that the series uses, featuring its skillful combat that allows the stunning and unrestrained fighting to take the lead.

Overall, it’s a stunning interpretation of the series designed for mobile platforms, achieving this through industry-leading motion capture technology that allows you to witness its thrills through an immersive combo experience.

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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat also seems to be adopting its visual flair from the classic games rather than the more recent Devil May Cry 5 that housed a lot of redesigns for its characters, bosses and weapons.

As you can see from the trailer embedded into this article, Dante, Virgil and Lady show up as do a bunch of bosses and locations that are featured in the game.

Besides that, it’s unclear at the moment how exactly Peak of Combat’s plot factors into the overall Devil May Cry lore. Since there’s no sign of Nero (from what we can see), we have to assume it takes place pre-DMC4.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is out now on iOS and Android in China. We don’t know what the plans are for the game to come to other regions, but the series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in August so we may know more then. Capcom is also holding an E3 press conference on Monday at 10:30PM UK time, where it may reveal more.