New update for Among Us expands player lobbies and adds controller support

By , on June 15, 2021

A new update has been released for Among Us that brings in bigger player lobbies and adds mobile controller support. The update is available now for iOS and Android.

The latest update for Among Us now expands the number of players that can fit inside a lobby from 10 to 15, meaning bigger groups of friends or randoms can now play together. As a result, new player colours have also arrived too: Tan, Maroon, Gray, Rose, Banana, Coral.

On the other hand, Among Us on mobile now has controller support too, meaning you can now connect a gamepad to your phone and play it that way. This can be done either via a wired connection or by Bluetooth (support for this may depend on your phone and controller of choice, so be sure to check whether the two are compatible).

Innersloth had previously teased the larger player lobbies in Among Us a few months ago, but the release was finally revealed at the Xbox E3 press conference on Sunday night.

The developer also launched a roadmap that teased further content coming to the game, including a mysterious Map 5, visor cosmetics, and an official implementation of the Hide and Seek mode.

Innersloth is also bringing cross-platform account linking to Among Us, which means your save data and cosmetic unlocks will carry across all platforms you play the game on, whether that’s mobile, PC or console.

Among Us is available now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game with adverts and in-app purchases.