Game Dev Story+ is an updated version of the original out now on Apple Arcade

By , on June 21, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 10 months ago

If you’re a fan of the original Game Dev Story, Kairosoft has now released a new updated version of it called Game Dev Story+. The game is available now for iOS devices as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Game Dev Story+ is a game where you need to manage your own game development studio and create bestselling games that impress critics and fans alike. You build your company from the ground up, and can develop new games and your own game console as well as managing staff members to ensure you are on top of your performance.

Here’s a quick trailer for Game Dev Story+ as shown on the Apple Arcade Twitter page. This updated version of the game expands it with new content and quality-of-life features that makes the experience much smoother.

You hire developers at a young age and start training them to help develop their skills. As their experience develops, you unlock new options for how to progress development on your games, including researching new content to add to it as well as discovering new genres.

This does mean you must find fluid ways of combining popular genres and content depending on how the industry is trending at that moment. It’s also important to foresee upcoming trends and get in there early to be a dominator of the market.

Game Dev Story+ is an Apple Arcade exclusive, meaning you can currently only play it on there. It’s the premium subscription service on iOS that gives you access to hundreds of different mobile games.

You can download Game Dev Story+ from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade.