Rush Rally Origins brings the series back to its roots on iOS and Android

By , on June 28, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 11 months ago

Brownmonster has announced Rush Rally Origins, a new entry to the Rush Rally series on iOS and Android.

Most notably, Rush Rally Origins combines the classic top-down visual style from the original Rush Rally game with the high-end graphics from Rush Rally 3.

It features 36 new unique courses from across the world, with each one giving you the ability to tweak the time of day and weather for extra customisation. This includes new surface types too such as snow, gravel, dirt, mud and tarmac.

If you’ve played a Rush Rally game then you know what to expect. You compete in a series of rally championships, racing against others in unique tracks set across the world with a focus on improving your times and getting better at the courses.

Rush Rally Origins will have online leaderboards too as well as ghosts to download during the time trials so you can compare your skills against other players and use that to get better.

Upgrading your car is also a key part of the game, where you can unlock and upgrade a selection of classic Rush Rally cars using a simple upgrade system to tailor each vehicle to your own driving style.

Rush Rally Origins uses a control system that is designed to work with both touchscreen controls and gamepads, allowing you to enjoy the racing game in whichever way you prefer. There’s also some added customisation by allowing you to scale, move and swap the onscreen buttons to better suit your needs.

It also supports 60fps, or even up to 120fps on supported devices. You will be able to download Rush Rally Origins from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store at some point in the future. The release date is due to be announced in the next few weeks.