As per leaks, Fortnite x Among Us crossover to release soon

By , on August 8, 2021
Last modified 2 months, 1 week ago

The popular battle royale game Fortnite is set to surprise its fan base in the upcoming days. These will surely be the icing on the cake for fans, who are likely already overwhelmed with the Season 7 of Fortnite, which has added exciting content like Batman Skins, a Bench upgrade system, and UFO-themed pop culture reference.

Now, as per the leaks, after a virtual Rift tour with Ariana Grande, Fortnite is going to collaborate with the incredibly popular Among Us. The recent tweets of data miners suggest that Fortnite x Among Us crossover is coming to the game very soon.

If it comes true, it won't be the first time Among Us collaborates with another mobile game. Previously, Among Us has collaborated with Fall Guys and PUBG Mobile's Chinese Version. The collaboration brought skins based on the Among Us characters to these games.

Expectations from Fortnite x Among Us Collaboration:

The recent tweets of HYPEX expose that currently, there are files in the game that refers to the imposter, a term that Among Us made famous for the role of villain in the game.

As per HYPEX, the file named MOLE contains various key phrases similar to Among Us features. These include Electrical, Cafeteria, Tasks, Visitor CSI, The Loop, Sabotage, Factory, Repair, Lab, Security, Weapons Lab, Island Monitoring. The other two keywords Visitor CSI and The Loop, are related to Fortnite, but the rest shows strong evidence of Fortnite's crossover with Among Us. Apparently, as of now, no images are available about what it would look like.

Fortnite x Among Us crossover expected release:

Since the files are being added to the game, one may expect the crossover to release in-game soon. But it might take some time also because, on August 7, 2021, Fortnite released a virtual Rift Tour featuring Ariana Grande, which is mostly similar to Travis Scott's event. Both of these events are huge in nature, so Fortnite might take time to release further updates until the end of these events.

Concluding Remarks

The competition in the mobile gaming industry is continuously increasing as new exciting features are making their way to the games daily. It would be great to see two popular games of their genre coming together and increasing their player interaction to a great extent.


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