Super Factory Tycoon Tips and Tricks for earning cash easily and getting your factory up and running in no time

By , on August 19, 2021
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Super Factory Tycoon is a fun and good-looking factory building game that requires both a strategic and sensible approach in order to get your factory up and running The game offers the fast-paced working mechanics of the factory as everything is automated for the player.

Your main objective in this game is to simply try to see that you make enough revenue to maintain your factory by hiring workers, upgrading items and equipment, adding more furniture to your factory to spice things up, and most importantly, building new production lines to bring in more income.

There are lots of fun things to admire in Factory Tycoon, and if you’re just starting out, this article will give you useful tips and tricks to help you get one step ahead of your factory responsibilities and make enough revenue to build new production lines so let’s get into it.

Upgrade items in your production line

One of the fastest ways of getting your factory up and running in no time is to quickly upgrade the machinery in your production line after starting the game. It’ll take a couple of minutes to build up a considerable amount of revenue as you’re just starting out, but immediately you get enough capital, upgrading your machines is a great way to start your factory.

Your machines help you make your products all the way to the packaging and sent them to the delivery van. So upgrading them to become faster and more reliable can help you generate 2x the profit you will make when you hadn’t upgraded them.

Watch Ads, lots of them

Watching Ads in a game isn’t always a go-to option for a lot of players, no matter how bad they want more money in the game. However, Factory Tycoon makes getting revenue quite simple by allowing players to watch Ads to multiply their income. If you had 50,000 cash in the game and you log out, your factory is running even if you’re not logged into the game, so when you log back in, you’ll see how much money you’ve earned while away.

So if you made 40,000 while you were away, watching an Ad will give you an extra 40,000, which sums it up to 80,000. That’s a really fun and easy way to make quick revenue in this game simply by taking 30 seconds to watch Ads of other games.

Upgrade your Unmanned Vehicle in the delivery hall

The delivery hall is where all your finished products go before they are taken to the delivery van. In the delivery hall, there is a small machine called Unmanned Vehicle. What this vehicle does is that it moves really fast to the production line, and the Gripping Arm in the production line loads it up with four cartons of finished goods, and it carries them to the delivery hall.

So you want to upgrade the Unmanned Vehicle in order for it to move even faster in carrying products to the delivery hall and get them loaded into the delivery truck. Doing that will increase your factory’s efficiency, and you’ll make revenues even faster.

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Don’t complete tasks in a haste

Completing tasks in Super Factory Tycoon is one of the most relevant aspects of the game, as the purpose of every task is simply to make your factory better and more efficient. Players will start receiving task pop-ups a few minutes after commencing the game, and if you’re not yet able to stand your ground financially, it’s best you make more cash before completing tasks.

It’s fun to complete tasks, but they tend to take up a lot of money in return and leaves you with no viable profit in return. So take your time, and after making some money delivering goods to customers, then you can start completing the smaller tasks.

Pay attention to everything

Just like in a real factory, there are tons of things happening all around the area. Machines are manufacturing the product, investors stylishly driving in with their fancy rides, UAV robots transportation raw fruits to the production line, customers walking in for a cup of coffee and donuts, delivery vehicles driving off to supply your products, and many more.

So it is your job to keep an eye on things as this is necessary for sighting the slightest problems and alleviating them. Paying attention to every corner of the factory is also a great way of knowing which of your machines need upgrades or which area of the factory needs more employees as you notice a slow in the rate of production.

Plan how you spend your revenue

Without the option to watch Ads and make quick money, it can be quite difficult to raise money in this game. So if you’ve managed to raise a considerable amount of revenue even after buying a new production line and settling employees, you shouldn’t spend the money in a rush.

You should settle down and plan on how to spend the leftover cash. This could be by upgrading the newly purchased Production line or by hiring several new staff to accelerate the production speed. The last thing you want is to go bankrupt and be unable to pay your workers at the appropriate time. If that happens, your employees will leave, and your factory will be a mess. There will be no cleaners and no delivery men to deliver your finished goods to customers.

Saving up your revenue is a good place to start in planning on what to spend it on, but however, you decide to spend it, always save enough for buying your next production line and, more importantly, paying your employees.


Super Factory Tycoon is a really simple game that doesn’t bring complicated controls or tutorials to the table that often leave players confused. The game is easy to play and becomes very exciting as you enjoy the feel of running your very own factory.

We hope the above tips and tricks will help you through the game in amassing massive revenues and building a successful super factory. The game is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


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