Legions War: Art of Strategy review

By , on September 2, 2021
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Legions War: Art of Strategy is another awesome title by DIVMOB, that has intense battles and prime gameplay experience. Legions War is a great game, stuffed with troop battles and battle planning. You can plan your moves manually to win battles more quickly and effectively; Position your troops accordingly to experience the most satisfactory wins in battles against enemies. So let's talk about the overview of the game and its drawback.


When the game starts, you are welcomed to the first battle. You have three default troops of level one power and equally numbered and powerful enemies. The positioning of the troops is also preassigned during the first battle. After you win the battle, you will be upgraded to the next level and rewarded with coins.

You can strategize your positioning accordingly in order to win battles quickly. Like if you place an archer in the frontline, then he is bound to die quickly, whereas if you place an archer behind the swordsmen, then you can deal double damage to the enemy. So in totality, you need to strategize and plan to achieve maximum gameplay experience. The game is certainly a bed of roses though because, despite that refined strategy, there are some thorns in there that we'll get to later.

Graphics and GUI

The graphics of the game are excellent but cartoonish and cannot be compared to high-end games. But the game not being too graphically intense helps the player to play for longer hours without worrying about their mobile battery. The game is perfectly optimized when it comes to classic board-style 2D and 3D gameplay. You will find no excessive graphical actions as the gameplay itself is very simple in nature. The character modules are also very simple and well optimized with no distortion of any sort. Everything is very well visible, including the controls, which are very easy to access.

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 Controls and Accessibility

The controls are very straightforward. with no complex actions as you often find in RPGs. Before entering the battle, the only thing to click is the "Tap to start" button that pops up right in front of you. Once you tap it, you don't need to do anything as the game will play out the sequence accordingly until you or the enemy wins. After a battle, you can click on "Go home" to enter the positioning area for your troops and access other tabs like "Recruiting Camp" and "Free Spin".


The main drawback of this game is that it's very repetitive. There is not much to explore or to do outside of tweaking your strategy and running more battles. All you have to do is unlock troops, position them, and try to win the battle. The only thing that changes is the difficulty level after every battle. There are also a few bugs when it comes to in-game purchases. There are too many ads which, after a point, start to get frustrating. Overall not a bad game, but it could've done better in terms of innovative gameplay experience.


Overall, if we see the game is quite well optimized and very well made, but there is not much to do in the game itself. The battles become very repetitive as there is no change other than an increase in the level and difficulty of enemies. You have upgrades, but at some point, they too become less interesting. So, in the end, I would like to say that the game is good, but it would've been better if there were some interesting quests or an interesting storyline that would make it more playable and fun.

Legions War: Art of Strategy is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.