Rise of Stars: A 4X blockchain game is set to release in Q1 of 2022

By , on November 28, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 6 months ago

A new strategy-based game named Rise of Stars (ROS) is about to launch. Developer LightCON announced that Rise of Stars will be released in early 2022. LightCON is a subsidiary of WEMADE MAX.

Although the Rose of Stars announcement was made in the first quarter of 2021, the game is again in the limelight due to its recently refreshed global teaser site and hence is gaining attention. This teaser site showcased a sound playback calling players to mine, conquer and earn.

Moreover, the teaser site gives a glimpse of the game. Much is not revealed, but yes one could get an idea of the whole plot, which is a set in space, including the concept of warships and space fights, that the players are going to enjoy.

Also, the pre-registration was opened last February for the people in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and even the Rise of Stars servers was made available in those regions.

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All About the game: Rise of Stars

The game is based on a Space theme, where players need to fight endless battles to earn resources in the vast universe. The theme space War aims to offer the opportunity to become conquerors of the Space War using the 40 powerful warships classified as:

  • Destroyer
  • Freighter
  • Corvettes
  • Frigate

These warships can hyperdrive or jump drive. Also, the game features Space Wars to provide players an experience of adrenaline rush. Some other features of the Rise of Stars are:

  • The game features an upgradation of warships up to tier 10.
  • It also provides the captains with a unique quality, background stories, full voice-over, and unique ability and skills.
  • The players get an option to choose different captains depending on their playstyle.
  • It even features the ability to build its own base in an unexplored space out of the Earth to explore the mysterious space further.
  • Each player will get to use facilities like a command center, radar center, drones, workshops, and the vast space's beautiful background.

Play and Earn too!

The Rise of Stars is an opportunity to play and earn. With a slogan, "The 4X Blockchain game for the greatest conqueror", the game offers the player to earn too. It even includes a well-performing system through which players could collect the game tokens through resource mining.

The Rise of Stars uses Wade blockchain technology to allow the system for getting nonfungible tokens, well known as NFT's on the WeMix platform. The game is made available on the Google Play.