Project Winter Mobile has entered beta testing for Android in the USA and Canada

By , on January 13, 2022
Last modified 2 years, 5 months ago

Boltrend Games has announced that the first beta test for Project Winter Mobile, a port of the PC social deduction game, is now available in Android in the USA and Canada. It will run between now and January 20th. Once the test has concluded, player data will get wiped, so don't get too attached to any cosmetics you collect during the beta. You can check out a cinematic trailer for the PC version below.

If you're unfamiliar with Project Winter's mobile version, it is a social deduction game that, much like Among Us, draws influence from the party game Werewolf. Eight players enter a match with one of two roles – survivors and traitors.

The survivors will need to work together to escape the snowy wilderness they find themselves in and talk to each other using emotes and voice chat or a combination of the two. They will need to explore the map to find crafting materials to repair objectives and items to help them survive. The main goal is to fix the radio in the cabin, call for help, and escape in the emergency vehicle. The traitors will try and put a stop to that.

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If players are assigned the traitor role, they will need to eliminate the other survivors and attempt to turn them against one another. They begin the game in a weak state and will need to scour the map for traitor crates to collect equipment and traitor points, which can be spent to perform certain actions.

They can also use hatches to travel to different locations across the map, though they need to ensure no one sees them using them. To kill or slow down the survivors, they can deploy traps, poison, and various other tools.

Project Winter Mobile is now available in beta for Android on Google Play in Canada and the USA.