Enjoy a sensory delight with Tireur De Couleur

By , on January 18, 2022
Last modified 2 years, 1 month ago

Prepare your perception for Coded Arts’ colourful space shooter “Tireur De Couleur”

Slated for release on February 3rd “Tireur De Couleur” is the newest release from “Coded Art”, a freelancer staffed company developing games under the leadership of artists Christian Streinz and Tomislav Stjepanovic

“Coded Art” specialise in creating games with a beautiful minimalist vibe and in-depth gameplay with simplistic controls for mobile devices, such as “Funzel”, an underwater shooter where you navigate underwater labyrinths with a rotating sonar to avoid rapid oncoming hazards

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Their upcoming offering, “Tireur De Couleur”, or “Colour Shooter” as it is translated to, will put you in the shoes of a colourful star hurtling through space as you are tasked with destroying hoards of bigger, angrier stars to advance to the next level. The game will test your perception whilst you are trapped in forward momentum, requiring you to constantly avoid flying into enemies and their bullets by flipping between the three different colour weapons. You will need to constantly have the correct one equipped to destroy your current target

Adding to this, you will also need to navigate to fuel systems in order to keep yourself afloat in space, by docking in the designated area and then rotating your device 360 degrees to complete the process before some bigger space bully decides to blast you out of the station.

The aim of the game is to survive for as long as you possibly can whilst racking up the biggest high score possible. The procedural level generator keeps the gameplay fresh and appealing, with the minimalist art style provides a calming backdrop to the colour-based onslaught you both face and dish out

“Tireur De Couleur” is available to preorder now on the App Store and soon for Google Play for £1.79 and will contain no adverts or in-app purchases