Lingo Legend combines learning languages with RPGs

By , on February 16, 2022
Last modified 2 years ago

Anyone who has tried to learn a new language can attest to how difficult it can be, but thanks to Hyperthought Games help has arrived. Lingo Legend is a gaming platform that has been designed to teach languages in an engaging and entertaining way.

The flagship game on the platform at launch will be Yorthwood, a card-battling RPG where players need to build a deck and use it to battle monsters, all whilst exploring a vibrant world. Combat plays out by drawing ability cards from the deck and then answering language questions to unleash chaos against whatever hapless foe is unlucky enough to be targeted by a linguistic barrage. After all, the most effective way to attack monsters is to swing an axe whilst screaming “where is the library?” in French.

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Outside of combat, players can craft their own weapons, customise their camps and follow an expansive storyline filled with unique and interesting characters and quests. Lingo Legend will provide monthly challenges with leaderboards and player rankings, giving a unique competitive edge to language learning to provide motivation to keep returning.

The languages available on launch will be Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian and Portuguese, with over 3,500 cards on such topics as ordering food or meeting new people. The game employs a spaced-repetition algorithm worked on by language acquisition experts to really help the learning stick.

Hannah Wright, Co-Founder of Hyperthought Games said: “Learning a language is like a marathon, and people burn out because they don’t have a strategy for staying motivated over the long haul. Unlike other language apps that tack on gamification, Lingo Legend puts gaming first. It’s a low-pressure environment for learners to genuinely have fun while applying their skills.”

Lingo Legend will launch March 15th on the App Store and will be available for free, with a subscription model for “non-stop, accessible play”, suggesting a stamina cap on the free gameplay. There is also a chance to sign up for the beta by visiting the website.