NetEase adds game changing Identity Agreement system to Infinite Lagrange

By , on May 20, 2022
Last modified 6 months, 1 week ago

Prolific Chinese development giants NetEase have implemented a deeply game-changing update to self-proclaimed sci-fi grand space simulation Infinite Lagrange. In order to reflect the truly vast unique groups players will encounter, the Identity Agreement will provide a means to join up with a favoured faction.

With more and more galaxies being explored and linking up with the Lagrange network, there are a lot of new factions coming to the surface. With this latest update, players will be able to join two of these Identities; the Prospector or the Neutral.

The Prospector Agreement is released by the Hayreddin Clan. They are an ancient faction with hopes that any explorers who join up can help complete the detection of the environment of the star system they are located in, acquiring important data and exploring the environmental resources of the galaxies, like the old gold prospectors but with a spaceship-shaped pickaxe.

Benefits of joining the Prospectors include reaping the rewards of Hayreddin’s technical expertise. Players will gain temporary access to facility blueprints, build higher levels of “Prospecting Tech Research Centers”, have the ability to discover hidden reserves and collect additional trojite crystals and data from nodes to help their group gain a strategic advantage in their star system development rating.

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On the other hand, the Neutral Agreement is backed by the Cooperation Support Department of Jupiter Industries. The group are eager to build a communication network between Privateers and Galactic Faction, aiming to become unique diplomats in the Lagrange Network. They seek explorers who long for peace to provide intra-system help for the restoration to normal Faction status. Those who join the Neutrals will gain rewards by assisting privateers.

The Neutrals have the benefit of unique encrypted communication technology to help cooperate safely and covertly with privateers. The Neutrals can engage in trade with some Privateer Outposts to gain extra resources, or purchase trojite crystals and data from said Outposts using Cooperation Points to help their Union gain a strategic advantage in the star system.

Infinite Lagrange is available to download free now on the App Store and Google Play.