Longcheer Game brings popular mobile game Dr Chatelet: Faith to worldwide audiences

By , on June 8, 2022
Last modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Longcheer Game, a mobile gaming company with the one-two punch of both developing and publishing, has brought its latest overseas game Dr Chatelet: Faith to worldwide distribution. Dr Chatelet places gamers in the shoes of a medieval doctor witnessing the rise and evolution of medal science.

Dr Chatelet: Faith is an immersive visual novel with an art style that brings to mind the darker art style of a Tim Burton project, set in the middle ages. Dr Chatelet is a graduate of the Royal College of Physicians who is using all his knowledge and steadfast faith in traditional medicine to cure people the only way he knows how with leeches and saws. Being promoted quickly due to his talent and diligence, Dr Chatelet started to notice occurrences that could not be explained by traditional medicines, such as patients dying for no reason, or a patient being unable to cease bleeding. Through his studying, the good doctors started learning techniques that go against his faith in normal medicine, such as disinfection and clamps to prevent bleeding.

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This new knowledge disturbs Dr Chatelet, and it is down to the player to guide the doctor through a series of choices, all of which determine what way the branching story goes and what ending is received. Shall Chatelet embrace the new techniques and challenge the status quo held by the medical community, or will he continue throwing leeches and saws at everything?

As well as guiding Dr Chatelet through this crisis of faith, there will be ample opportunity to practise medicine in the old ways through three minigames based on the old ways. Players can engage in a spot of amputation, the most common surgical procedure despite having a fatality rate of 60%, Bloodletting to adjust the imbalance of bodily fluids and cure whatever is ailing the patient, or Humorism, which in conjuction with bloodletting was studied to balance the human body of the four bodily fluids. Educational and just a little bit nasty.

Dr Chatelet: Faith has already made a splash in China with 1 million followers on TapTap, and the beta is now available to try on Google Play.