SuperPlanet announce upcoming endless idle RPG Vahn’s Quest

By , on June 20, 2022
Last modified 2 weeks ago

Korean Developers SuperPlanet has announced its upcoming Idle RPG Vahn’s Quest. Touted as an Endless Growth Idle RPG, the game follows apprentice knight Vahn on a quest to defeat a great evil that has been unleashed upon the lands.

The Republic of Trinity was a peaceful sanctuary for saints to reside in and practise their craft, until one day a particularly misguided priest named Demtoy misunderstood what priests stand for, and instead decided to open the gates of hell in order to amass wealth and glory, flooding the world with evil. Vahn, an apprentice knight for the Grave Keeper Knights, gathers his allies and battles against the seemingly never-ending horde as the adventure, looking for the Vereth’s Sword, a legendary blade needed to defeat Demtoy and return peace to the lands. The story unfolds using a cute comic book layout with some injection of humour as there often is with the style.

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As an idle RPG, the aim of the game is to put together a top-tier team and set them off on their own to punch whatever monster they stumble across. To speed things up, the game features Double Speed Battle and a 1 Second Skip to cruise through the stages. There is quite a bit of scope to upgrade and customise the team, with a grade upgrade system comprising 8 ranks and the ability to craft customised equipment at the blacksmith for the heroes. To complement the self-crafted gear, bosses will drop relics that can also be equipped. There is even a costume system to mix up the looks of each hero, perfect for dipping into the PvP system to style all over other players.

While the gameplay is mostly idle, a few mini-games are thrown in for a nice little diversion. There's the combat-oriented Knight’s Trial, the dexterity-laden Slingshot Expert, Master Craftsman for all the crafters out there, and Gold Rush for anyone that enjoys mashing a screen for the money. Not only do these allow a break from the watching Idle battles, but beating the mission awards bonus materials to use in the main game.

Vahn’s Quest is available to pre-register for now on the App Store and Google Play.