Take a break and relax with Alchemy Stars new Event Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life

By , on June 27, 2022
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

In the midst of battling monsters and trying to save the world, it is important to take a breather every now and then, which is exactly what Alchemy Stars are offering in their newest event. Entitled Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life, it is a two-part event centring on a nice tea party and brings exclusive items, new characters and more with it.

Alchemy Stars is set in a world named Astra where the Aurorians and the Caelestites’ are locked in a neverending battle against the evil Eclipsites. The battles take place on a tactical grid with a unique tile-connecting gameplay, where if you move along the same colour tiles you rack up a combo, which allows you to unleash powerful skills.

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Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life gives the characters a reprieve from battles and invites players to warm up a mug of tea and relax a bit. There are two parts to complete in the quest, Afternoon Tea Party and Teatime Pleasantries, and clearing them will reward Lumamber, Special Star Flames and access to two new Aurorions, Nina and Sanae. There is also Anderson Association Tickets up for grabs, which can be exchanged in the limited-time event store for rewards such as a 5-Star Auroiran United Kit 2 or a Special Star Flare. The event also brings with it limited edition furniture to collect. The store will remain open until July 14, so there is time to redeem any tickets won before the event itself ends on July 11.

Any player who logs in before July 11 is eligible to claim the log-in bonuses, totalling 8 days of prizes. Rewards range from Anderson Association Tickets, Recharger Packs, Nightium and more, all the way up to the Nina’s Afternoon Tea Avatar on day 8.

Alchemy Stars is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.