Two new fighters join the ring in The King of Fighters Allstar

By , on November 2, 2022

The King of Fighters Allstar has released its latest update, bringing a host of events as well as two new fighters. Both of these budding pugilists are loaded with some truly devastating and useful skills, and well worth the effort to unlock them.

The first new character to enter the arena is called Athena Asamiya, a Yellow balance-type enemy. She comes equipped with a leader skill that increases Extreme fighter’s attack by 50%, as well as a 35% boost to Critical Damage, making her an excellent character to buff a party's team.

Lady Chin Gentsai is the second character to join and comes with a skill set that would fit perfectly in any Red team. This defensive-type character has a leader skill that increases Red fighter Attack by 50%, and their Critical Damage rate by 25%. Additionally, Lady Chin comes with a PvP Exclusive skill that casts a Critical Hit Shield which will absorb damage for 7 seconds when HP is 70% or higher, making her a highly effective character in Red and PvP teams.

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To celebrate the duo's releases, Netmarble is running a variety of in-game events, with a bevvy of rewards. The Team Co-op Event will offer a bunch of challenging missions to clear and depending on the team and individual scores will earn players some very desirable prizes.

Combat lovers should check out the Rush Dungeon: Fire, Psycho Soldier!, an event that will earn players special event coins, growth items and more as the stages are cleared. For a tougher challenge, the Challenge Dungeons, Strength Equals Cuteness dungeon is a real test of skill, however, they will require XV Athena Asamiya or Lady Chin Gentasi to enter.

For those that want a more passive present, the Popstar Gift Event will give away a Popstar Cake, Popstar Chocolate or Popstar Heart Letter through a Halloween Gift Item Mystery Box. This can then be gifted to fighters and will result in a variety of rewards based on the player’s level of achievement.

King of Fighters Allstar is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.