The Benza RPG has received final expansion to complete its story

By , on November 14, 2022
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

The final expansion has been released for The Benza RPG, the game based on the weird and wonderful hit Japanese comedy series’ The Benza and Benza English. Developed by Guilherme Martins, the game has taken two years to conclude its story fully.

Higashi Nakano, a small Tokyo suburb, has been taken over by the evil Japanese Teacher Inko Sensei using shadow magic and turned it into a retro RPG, trapping all the characters from The Benza inside. Now, it is down to Chris and Kyle to battle through recognisable locations from the show to defeat Inko and save the general area!

The Benza RPG has been written by the series' original creator and lead actor Christopher McCombs, so players can expect the same beloved wackiness and characters as the series has, only across 20 hours of a Mother/Earthbound-inspired retro RPG. Combat features a character swap mechanic, with over 20 playable characters from the two series ready to fight.

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Over 400 original lines of dialogue have been recorded by the cast of the show, along with 36 original songs. With the amount of effort the creators have put into the game, it is one that any fan of the show should definitely play.

Discussing the release of the final expansion, McCombs said: “It’s taken us two years to finally reach the end of this journey with The Benza RPG and I believe the journey was well worth it. Though our team started off small, slowly we gained more and more help until we finally finished with a team of more than forty people!”

“Considering this was my first experience in the world of indie video games, it was a very satisfying one. I hope you will give our comedy RPG a try and stick with us as we begin work on porting to Nintendo Switch!”

The Benza RPG is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.