Black Desert Mobile adds a fearsome new level of difficulty with newest content

By , on January 4, 2023
Last modified 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Black Desert Mobile has decided to double down on its deserts by adding more challenging deserts to their desert. In addition to the harder new content, there are also some new game-changing upgrades as well as a shiny new mount to tame.

In a move aimed at giving veteran players something to complain about, Pearl Abyss is introducing the new Sahzad Grand Desert. This will bring players a grand total of three levels to content; you can start out on Imur for an introductory run, advance to Torme when you are feeling ready for more of a challenge, and then graduate to the new Sahzad for the toughest challenge.

Shahzad is a dangerous and deadly place where elite players can do battle with one another, or turn their attention to some of the toughest monsters in the game for great riches and rewards. You can also stumble upon the wandering merchant who trades incredibly rare items or even scour the sands for some buried treasure.

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To gear up for the new elite-level content, Pearl Abyss has introduced a feature which is a first in the game's three-year history, a landmark passed in December. Players will now be able to enhance the power of their runes even further, so you will be better equipped to strike out into Shahzad.

If you are looking to explore in style, make sure that you take the time to grab the new Dream Horse, Diné. This wonderful white stallion with a golden mane is the second Doom Horse introduced to the game and has a higher base speed to traverse terrain faster than the current camel and elephant options, shockingly. Players can also Quantum Jump to teleport when interacting with a Black Rock Shrine.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.