Loongcheer Game hosts open beta for its latest sim tycoon Animal Inc

By , on January 11, 2023
Last modified 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Loongcheer Game has released more information on its latest simulation casual game, Animal Inc. A casual sim Tycoon, it is a rather cutesy 2D-styled affair that places you in the furry feet of an industrious base owner, hiring a variety of animals to fulfil your dream of being incredibly wealthy.

You will be tasked with running a huge underground base, with the help of a myriad of critters all willing and eager to get to work. There are a variety of facilities you will be able to build such as Libraries, Stores, Offices and more, which can be upgraded to produce more materials or money. Whatever you build, the goal is the same; reach Wealth level VI.

To reach the lofty heights of Scrooge McDuckian levels, you will need to focus on unlocking boss ranks and obtaining new knowledge, which will unlock further facilities to build. You will also need to hire staff to run the place, with higher levelled animals increasing productivity. Using the materials you produce to make cuisine for the big boss, and completing Gopher and Snail Orders will grant you more coins and trophies, used to increase your rank.

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Seeing as this is going for the family-friendly, all-ages vibe, there is not really combat as you would expect. Instead, whenever there is a dispute or a problem pops up you will engage in a rousing round of Negotiation. You will need to master this, as it is the way to enlarge your base and proceed with challenges, and it is rather fitting that this is how you would solve issues as a leader.

If you like the sound of Animal Inc and own an Android then you are in luck, as Loongcheer Game is currently holding an open beta then anyone can partake in. Simply head over to Google Play and download the game to experience the life of a busy base boss.