Black Desert Mobile welcomes a new character next week

By , on January 13, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 3 months ago

Black Desert Mobile players will be in for a treat come January 17th, marking the arrival of a new character to play on the go. Originally available just for PC players, the Twin Class sister Woosa will be bringing her mastery of the Do Arts to Pearl Abyss’ mobile rendition of its hit MMORPG.

Wielding a fan, Woosa is able to expertly manipulate the elements with her moveset to devastate hordes of enemies at once. Using Wingbeat, she can enlarge her fan to knock back enemies with strong gusts of wind, even being able to knock them down when fully powered up. If that hasn’t left you enough space to work with, Butterfly Step sends Woosa into the sky, with an extra leap available to really get out of danger. Her Enlightened skill also reduces PvP and skill damage from enemies, making her a tough and elusive target.

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Before you start to worry, there are plenty of offensive options in this set too. Stormfall conjures a giant storm in a wide area to deal heavy damage to dozens of enemies, with Cloudrise being a more channelled attack, invoking clouds above enemy heads to deal massive damage with lightning strikes.

To celebrate Woosa’s arrival, players will be able to visit the Woodo School, where she was trained. Until January 30th you will be able to undertake daily missions to help prepare the school's training supplies, receiving a bunch of rewards in the process. On January 17th, all players will be able to receive Woosa’s Gift, a Mysterious Power Chest full of rare weapons.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now, and if you are looking for a free boost, use the support coupon “HERE-COME-SWOO-SA17” by February 7th to get some free gifts such as 50 Nightbloom and 50 Dawning Moonstone.