Motion Twin showcase new trailer for upcoming Dead Cells DLC with legendary collaboration

By , on January 20, 2023
Last modified 1 year, 2 months ago

Motion Twin has released a new trailer showing off the upcoming DLC for its iconic roguelike Dead Cells. The Return to Castlevania sees Dead Cells team up with one of the genre's all-time greats, of course, the Castlevania series.

Return to Castlevania is being touted as the biggest DLC Dead Cells has received to date, and it's a good one to bestow that title on. It would be fair to assume everyone with a passing knowledge of gaming has at least heard of the famed series.

When a foreboding, malevolent castle suddenly appears as if from nowhere one day, The Beheaded is approached by a strange man calling himself Richter Belmont, beseeching their help. Despite the obvious dangers our hero agrees, more so for the promise of loot than anything but still counts, and strikes out on their new journey.

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With the new trailer, we get to see some of the DLC in action, starting with the newly designed castle and courtyard biomes, including the coffin that our hero probably definitely shouldn't be knocking on. Whilst the designs are definitely harking back to the older Castlevania entries, it's the weapons that are the most exciting.

We only get about three seconds of combat gameplay, but that's enough to give us a host of iconic weapons to look forward to, a reported 14 of them. The trailer gives us glimpses of the Throwing Axe with a high but shallow arc, the deployment of Holy Water, some nice glimpses of the legendary Cross, and of course, what looks like the one and only Vampire Whip.

The DLC will be launching in Q1 of this year for PC and consoles, with the mobile DLC ports historically taking a bit longer to land, but there's a strong likelihood it will. Until then, catch up on the base game and currently released DLC by downloading from the App Store or Google Play for a reasonable sum of $9.99.